Employee Community

Avomeen is dedicated to building a community in which team members embrace and leverage the knowledge, talents, and diverse backgrounds and viewpoints of one another. We are committed to developing a community that reflects Avomeen’s guiding principles:

  • Our CLIENTS represent our North Star
  • Our TEAM strives for scientific excellence
  • Our CULTURE prizes knowledge and respect
  • Our QUALITY will be at the core of all we do
  • Our FINANCIAL HEALTH requires every team member to play their part

As our community continues to build and grow, we have found that successful Avomeen employees are:


Our clients are our North Star, guiding us in all that we do. We insist that each and every one of our employees exceed expectations by providing our clients with high quality data, communication, and deliverables.


Scientific excellence is a cornerstone of our guiding principles. Our employees are vital to the success and development of Avomeen’s scientific knowledge-based community. We welcome our team members to take advantage of the resources and training we have made available.


Working together is essential to the success of our clients and our company. Avomeen’s team-based environment encourages employees to support one another to find the best solutions for our clients.


Scientifically challenging and complex work calls for a high level of creativity and resourcefulness. As we grow, we are continually looking to connect with outstanding individuals who view challenges from a new perspective, resulting in inventive and ground-breaking solutions.