About Our Advanced Analytical Services R&D Labs

What Sets Avomeen Apart?

We take pride in serving as an accredited, independent contract testing laboratory that provides advanced analytical and product development services to our business and entrepreneurial clients.

From your initial phone call or inquiry placed through our website, you will notice the Avomeen difference. We offer direct access to industry-leading scientists who are used to working with both veterans of the industries that we serve and those new to using contract research organizations (CROs). Our processes will be tailored to best fit your needs, and we will assist you by answering your questions and helping to define your goals. Our scientists will also identify potential challenges and discuss regulatory concerns and considerations.

One of the greatest advantages of working with Avomeen is the consulting provided by our exceptionally skilled scientists. They assist you by answering your questions, determining the feasibility of your project, helping to define your goals, identifying potential challenges, discussing regulatory concerns, and scoping both the time-frame and costs that would be involved with your project.

From here you will continue to notice the advantage of using Avomeen throughout your entire project.

Meet the Leaders of Avomeen's Expert Teams

Our leaders and mentors help build team members into dedicated specialists.

In Addition, Avomeen’s Testing Laboratory:

Adheres to Strict Quality & Compliance Practices

Avomeen is equipped to support increasingly rigorous quality and safety standards as the requirements of regulatory agencies expand. We are committed to the continual improvement of our comprehensive Quality Management System, which is continuously reviewed by internal audit teams, our clients, and regulatory agencies.

Holds Accreditations from Trusted Agencies

Avomeen’s laboratory holds a number of accreditations from trusted agencies. Our facility is FDA-Registered and DEA-Licensed (schedules 1-5). Additionally, our laboratories are GLP/GMP-compliant, and ISO 17025 accredited. 

Has a Thorough Understanding of Regulations & Guidance

We pair leading technology with comprehensive knowledge and understanding of regulatory guidance. Experience our consultative approach and discover why Avomeen is a trusted partner for a number of businesses and organizations.

Understands the Importance of Personalized Service

We value each and every one of our clients, and we strive to provide a consistently exceptional experience. From the time of your initial call, we offer direct access to industry-leading scientists and a friendly, knowledgeable support staff committed to your success and satisfaction.

Masters Complex Analytical Projects

Our expert, advanced-degree scientists regularly take on projects that other labs cannot. Trust the experts at Avomeen to carry out difficult, non-routine analytical projects. With decades of industry and laboratory experience, our teams of highly-qualified scientists excel at developing industry-leading, scientifically advanced solutions.

Provides Customized Solutions

We realize the needs of each company vary, and our clients deserve better than the one-size-fits-all solutions that other labs offer. At Avomeen, we develop customized protocols, methods, and processes tailored to your specific needs, requirements, and specifications.

Develops Novel & Unique Formulations

With a proven track record of developing and innovating industry-leading, ground-breaking products alongside our understanding of the competitive landscape and regulatory guidance, we are uniquely positioned to develop innovative formulations for our clients. Experience the success that can only come with our proven stage-and-gate collaborative approach to product development.

Supplements Your Team with Our Chemists

Strengthen your team with ours as you take advantage of our full-service laboratory, leading technology, and advanced-degree scientists. With Avomeen’s expert chemists serving as an extension of your team, you will have direct access to the scientists working on your project not only during and after completion.

Utilizes Advanced Instrumentation

Our teams of advanced-degree scientists employ a wide range of advanced analytical instrumentation and techniques, ensuring high-quality data and deliverables for each and every project.

We understand that your projects are critical, and we always strive to fully comprehend not only what testing procedures you need, but also why, ultimately, you seek our services. This helps us to ensure that each project is properly customized to provide vital information and maximize the return on your investment.

We know that some clients may not be masters of chemistry, and our custom reports are written for the intended audience and purpose in an easy-to-understand format. Reports include complex data summaries coupled with spectra and charts. The Avomeen scientist leading your project is accessible throughout the project as well as after completion.

We frequently provide complex solutions that our competitors do not have the instrumentation and the knowledge to deliver.

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