NMR Laboratory Testing Services


An NMR Spectroscopy analysis allows for the identification of different components of a sample. The NMR system exposes the sample to a magnetic field and measures the resultant resonant frequency and absorption energy.  This allows for the recording of characteristic NMR spectra that can be used to identify known compounds in the sample. Our NMR capabilities include solid-state NMR experiments at both 270 and 360 MHz, and 400 MHz liquids NMR, at levels from a few micrograms to very large, dilute spin systems. When multiple components are visible by NMR, quantitative solid-state NMR can also be performed.

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Case StudyMaterials Identification

Industry: Food and Beverage
Problem: Ingredient Identity and Quantitation
Solution: A food manufacturer needed a food-grade powder analyzed for four potential ingredients. FT-IR analysis found that the sample consisted of over 98% citric acid by weight. In order to identify and quantify the minor ingredients in the sample, NMR Spectroscopy was performed. Ascorbic acid was identified by NMR spectroscopy at less than 1% concentration, and the two other suspect ingredients were not present in the sample.

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