Analytical Chemistry Methods

Avomeen is always committed to providing the client with customized solutions, and constantly stays updated on the newest methods and instrumentation.

Analytical Chemistry Methods Chromatography
Chromatography is one of our most frequently used investigatory methods. Avomeen utilizes state-of-the-art GC, GC-MS, LC-MS, and HPLC instrumentation to solve your toughest deformulation, contaminant identification, extractables/leachables, and material identification needs.

FT-IR TestingInfrared Spectroscopy
Avomeen utilizes FT-IR technology to obtain molecular fingerprints of unknown compounds, using transmittance measurements captured after firing an infrared laser beam at sample compounds.
Laboratory services including gas chromatographyMicroscopy
Avomeen utilizes a wide range of microscopy services, from optical to electron microscopy, to develop an understanding of important chemical and structural information related to your samples.
Laboratory In CaliforniaMolecular Characterization
Avomeen’s molecular characterization laboratory solves highly technical problems using a sophisticated set of techniques and instrumentation. Our scientists can provide detailed information about the identification or characterization of a specimen, including chemical functional groups, structural analysis, and components.
pixe LaboratoryElemental Composition Analysis
Avomeen’s elemental composition laboratory utilizes proton induced x-ray emission instrumentation in order to determine the elemental composition of a sample in a non-destructive approach.
HPLC Laboratory HPLC Testing
Avomeen chemists test samples for contaminants, purity, material/chemical identification, and more. Our chemists have experience analyzing samples from pharmaceutical APIs, to polymers.

NMR LabNMR Spectroscopy
Analysis by NMR Spectroscopy allows for the identification of different components of a sample. The NMR system exposes the sample to a magnetic field and measures the resultant resonant frequency and absorption energy.
DSC LabThermal/Mechanical Properties
Avomeen Analytical Services offers routine and custom physical testing of thermal and mechanical properties. We use a wide range of analytical techniques to test polymers, adhesives, coatings, sealants, and more.