Avomeen Analytical Services Announces Opening of New Complex of Laboratories

May 15th, 2013 – Avomeen Analytical Services has finished moving into its new location which was inspired by the consistent growth the chemical testing laboratory has experienced during recent years.  Avomeen’s new location is over 25,000 square feet, and houses multiple state-of-the-art product testing and development laboratories.

Having multiple custom built laboratories linked in one central location allows Avomeen to help our clients save time and money by utilizing a single site to complete their entire project.  Clients interested in new product development services appreciate that Avomeen’s chemists can perform all of the steps needed in order to turn their original concept or idea, into a finished product.  Customers that require additional support in bringing their finished formulation to market can utilize Avomeen’s chemists to source raw materials, locate a proper packaging supplier, patent their new formulation, and identify a proper formulation blender to manufacture the finished product on their behalf.

The new complex contains multiple laboratories which were specifically designed to be segregated from one another to ensure that cross contamination between stages of analysis, and multiple customers’ projects, does not occur.  The new laboratories include an SEM/EDXA Lab, Chromatography Lab, R&D Lab, Formulation Lab, and a cGMP Pharma Lab.  Avomeen’s new pharmaceutical laboratory was specifically designed for method development and validation services under cGMP compliance.  The testing laboratory continues to maintain its FDA-registration and the ability to handle controlled substances through its DEA license for schedule I through V controlled substances.

The testing laboratories’ new location is 4840 Venture Drive, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48108.  It was important for the chemical laboratory to maintain its location within the city of Ann Arbor due to its unique environment which consists of a community of fellow technical and scientific companies.  The local scientific community is further enhanced due to its close proximity to both the University of Michigan and Eastern Michigan University.  This leads to an environment which continues to be welcoming to the chemical testing laboratory and fosters further scientific development through innovation and collaboration within the scientific community.

Pittsfield Township, specifically its supervisor Dr. Mandy Grewal, was instrumental in helping Avomeen relocate to its new laboratory complex.

The new facility is 5 times the size of Avomeen’s previous location, and allows for even further expansion of the wide range of custom testing services that Avomeen provides.  Specific expanded labs were created in order to increase the capabilities of Avomeen’s new product formulation services.   Additionally, by May of 2014, Avomeen plans further expansion to include a pre-formulation lab and a CTM, or clinical trial manufacturing lab, which will also perform under cGMP compliance.

Avomeen performs testing services on a wide range of consumer and industrial products.  At this new location materials tested include pharmaceuticals, neutraceuticals, cosmetics, polymers, rubbers, additives, adhesives, chemicals, cleaning products, coatings, packaging, medical devices, as well as food and beverages.

The new facility allows for larger workspaces for chemists, additional meetings rooms, and areas for more expansive training.  Already frequently serving clients nationwide, the expansion allows Avomeen to continue to grow and conduct its custom product testing and development services for a larger number of clients.

About Avomeen Analytical Services:

Based in the heart of Ann Arbor, Avomeen is an advanced testing laboratory that services clients nationwide by providing custom product testing and formulation development services.  Avomeen’s chemists focus on solving complex problems for clients through customized testing processes.  The full service testing laboratory specializes in chemical/material deformulation, product failure analysis, pharmaceutical analysis, litigation support services, advanced product research, and new product development.

Avomeen’s clients range from entrepreneurial startups to major fortune 100 companies.  Its chemists primarily serve technology companies, manufacturers, distributors, lawyers, and other laboratories that require complex testing services.

With its unique process of performing customized projects, ability to solve complex problems, and helpful staff, Avomeen is the laboratory of choice for numerous clients who have come to expect reliable results in a fast manner.

For more information visit www.avomeen.com

Avomeen Analytical Services New Location:

4840 Venture Dr.
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48108
Phone: 800-930-5450

Email: scientist@avomeen.com