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Monthly Archives: September 2013

2509, 2013

Dr. Thanedar Shares Insight on J&J Recall

September 25th, 2013|Blog|

When Dr. Shri Thanedar, founder of Avomeen Analytical Services, heard news of the recent Johnson & Johnson recall, he had a word of advice to offer. The company just recently announced the recall of Motrin Infant Drops due to the possibility that the medication may be contaminated with plastic particles. Dr. […]

1809, 2013

Overseas Pharmaceuticals – Avoiding Wrong Medications & Counterfeits

September 18th, 2013|Blog|

Those who frequently travel overseas more than likely have purchased or will at some point have the need to purchase medication while abroad. There are multiple reasons one might purchase drugs while traveling. Whether due to forgetting daily prescription drugs or becoming ill while traveling, the probability of buying drugs […]

1009, 2013

Supreme Court Ruling on DNA Collection Raises Concerns of Contamination

September 10th, 2013|Blog|

Contamination is always a concern in scientific research, but the new ruling on DNA-collection has both analysts and the general public abuzz with unanswered worries.With DNA-collection now allowed at time of arrests the number of samples collected will skyrocket. Researchers voice concern that with such a large number of samples […]

309, 2013

Color Coding Molecular Environment

September 3rd, 2013|Blog|

Shigehiro Yamaguchi and a team of scientists from Nagoya University have created a molecule which when hit with 365 nm ultraviolet light will emit various colors of light depending on its environment. The basic design of the molecule consists of a flexible π moiety and two rigid wings. The flexibility […]