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Monthly Archives: September 2012

3009, 2012

The Right Pharmaceutical Testing Laboratory Can Help To Solve Your Complex Pharma Problem

September 30th, 2012|Blog|

From helping with a pharmaceutical or supplements product development to navigating the FDA approval process, the right pharmaceutical testing laboratory can help solve your complex analytical needs.  When larger drug developers and manufactures want to venture into something outside of their usual focus or smaller supplement manufactures want to solve […]

2409, 2012

Why Use A Cosmetic Testing Laboratory for your Cosmetics Formulation?

September 24th, 2012|Blog|

While many entrepreneurs and small business owners that dream of entering the cosmetic industry have a good understanding of what ingredients can produce the many different shades of colors and properties that they would like to achieve, like anti-aging and advanced moisturizing, many do not know how to turn […]

2109, 2012

What Tough Problems do Food Laboratories Solve for Manufactures?

September 21st, 2012|Blog|

Food Laboratories can perform custom testing for entrepreneurs and manufacturers looking for product development and quality control services for their food or beverage products.  Using a variety of analytical instruments and techniques, they are able to detect ingredients in a food or beverage formulation down to the parts […]

1809, 2012

What Is Formulation Services?

September 18th, 2012|Blog|

Formulation services are essentially another name for product development services.  The term is relevant in the industry, often being used by pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies, but can apply to the development of everything from new types of electrolytes in batteries to cleaning supplies. 

During product formulation, an entrepreneur or manufacturer’s […]

1709, 2012

Marketing and New Product Development

September 17th, 2012|New Product Development|


Strategic planning and marketing is considered one of the most important elements of new product development because they often determine the success of a new product or service.

Targeting the Audience

Competition in today’s marketplace is fierce, and therefore companies no longer develop products and services without first having a distinct audience […]