Product Testing Laboratory & Failure Analysis

Product Testing LaboratoryAvomeen’s product testing laboratory can analyze your consumer or industrial products.  From product testing & analysis to formulation development, all of our projects are custom designed and led by experienced Ph.D. chemists that are proven leaders in their fields.

Our product testing lab can help you produce a product with a lower production cost, improve upon your current products performance, address safety issues within your product, and more.  We lend support to a wide range of entrepreneurs and manufacturers looking to create better products in an effort to drive sales.

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Product Testing Laboratory:

  • Flammability
  • Off gassing & Safety Analysis
  • UV degradation & Product Stability
  • Chemical leechage / Extractables & Leachables
  • Water run off & Contaminant ID.

Solving Product Failure Issues:

Analyze for industrial or governmental compliance:

  • Produce an MSDS, analyze your raw ingredients, and test your finished product.
  • Avomeen is a FDA-Registered, DEA-Licensed, cGMP-Compliant laboratory.

Quality Control Services:

  • Analyze your raw materials supplier to ensure that you are using quality ingredients in your product.  We can also develop and validate testing methods allowing you to perform future testing and analysis in-house.

Material Identification Services:

Competitor’s product Analysis:

Performance Testing Lab:

  • Independent laboratory analysis – gain useful information on the strength/performance of your product to use in your marketing.  Verify your product performance claims from a third party laboratory.

ASTM Testing:

  • We can perform a variety of ASTM testing methods or perform analyses according to your our methods.  Avomeen can also perform method development and validation services.
  • VOC Testing, Adhesion Testing, Coating Testing, Density Determination, UV Exposure Analysis, Water Absorption, etc.

Product Development Services:

Our Chemists Can Answer Your Questions:

Related Services:

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