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Non-Destructive Testing Laboratory

nondestructive testing laboratoryIn certain situations, non-destructive testing services are needed when a material is being used in litigation, or additional samples are not available and the sample is still required.

Some laboratory tests remove or destroy a small amount of a sample during the testing process in order to breakdown and analyze it.  This can be due to size of a sample, type of sample, or what kind of analysis can be performed. Avomeen has a wide range of testing instruments and techniques available, which allow our scientists to be able to perform non-destructive testing and analysis when needed.  This type of testing is not always preferred unless necessary as it limits which instruments can be used, and can affect both how detailed an analysis can get, as well as costs for testing.

If you have a limited sample that you cannot have harmed or destroyed or a sample that is involved in litigation, Avomeen’s scientists can come up with a way to complete analysis while leaving the sample intact.

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