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Emergency Analytical Services

rush laboratory services

Avomeen’s emergency chemical testing laboratory specializes in custom rush analysis of complicated analytical testing projects. From contamination of household products,¬†corrosion in manufacturing systems, to rapid environmental services.¬†Our analytical investigations provide fast and reliable answers in crisis times.

For testing projects involving alleged harmful or toxic chemical contaminants, we can partner with established scientists in the field of toxicology to perform hazard analysis. We can provide our customers with a full toxicity risk assessment report.

Avomeen’s team of litigation support experts are available for any testing project that results in legal action, including Ph.D. expert witnesses available for in-court testimony.

Our toll free number 1-800-930-5450 is monitored around the clock by our emergency staff. You will be connected with an Avomeen Ph.D. Lead Scientist, who will design a plan of action and coordinate a team to rapidly complete a testing project.

Types of Problems Avomeen can solve:

See our Case Studies page for a description of projects Avomeen scientists have solved.

Problem Solving
Avomeen scientists utilize the latest techniques, instrumentation, and methods to analyze a wide variety of complex testing challenges.
Customer Service
Our whole team is committed to completing each customer's project to their exact specifications, including custom methods and rush services.
Avomeen's investigations include the use of FT-IR, GC/MS, LC/MS, HPLC, NMR, SEM/EDXA, ICP, AA, TGA, DSC, and many other techniques.
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