At Avomeen Analytical Services we strive to develop custom designed and quality products for our clients while providing exemplary customer service.

custom synthesis servicesAvomeen’s team provides inorganic and organic synthesis services for a variety of industries.  With fast turnaround times and accurate results, our product development and formulation services are state-of-the-art.

From polymer synthesis to pharmaceuticals, our Ph.D. chemists have experience in the development of new chemical compounds and formulations, for both consumer & industrial products.

Our synthesis services have been used to create new adhesives, beverages, pharmaceuticals, supplements, cosmetics, cleanings products, batteries, consumer products, industrial products, and more.

We can take your ideas and turn them into a finalized product, creating sample batches along the way so you can make suggestions and ensure that the final product is just what you are looking for.  We are an independent contract laboratory, therefore our clients own all testing and analyses produced. Avomeen’s full service laboratory can perform stability testing, quality control, safety analyses, and can even help with regulatory consulting services during the development of your custom synthesis.

When testing and analysis is finished, we will supply you with the finalized formulation which you can either produce in-house or take to a blender to have produced.  If you do not have supplier for raw materials, packaging, or a blender to use we can suggest some based on your type of product.

Do you like a competing product and want to know what gives it that special appearance, aroma, or performance benefits?  Our product reverse engineering / deformulation laboratory can analyze products in order to identify the major, minor, and active ingredients within a product or formulation.  Once a deformulation analysis is complete our scientists can modify the original formula through reformulation to tailor it towards your particular needs, creating a new and unique product.  This same deformulation and reformulation process can even be used to transform traditional products into eco-friendly versions.

In addition to product development services, we can create analytical standards, pharmaceutical intermediates, and can produce & validate methods.

We are flexible to many timelines and can perform rush services.  From early research and development to finished product testing and analysis, Avomeen can help with your custom synthesis project.

Our custom synthesis laboratory uses analytical instrumentation including NMR, FTIR, LC/MS, GC/MS, HPLC and more, allowing for accurate results and all projects are peer reviewed.

For examples of past services completed please read some of our case studies.

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