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Chemical testing laboratory that can solve your toughest chemical analysis & product R&D problems:

Our investigative material and product testing services are customized towards our clients’ specific needs.  You will receive a team of experienced chemists lead by a Ph.D. team leader specifically custom compiled from a mix of knowledge bases and industries based on your projects specific needs.  From routine testing projects to non-routine complex analyses Avomeen’s scientists can test samples for identification, purity, quantification, contaminants, characterization, and more. Our unique process can completely (deformulate) breakdown a product or materials formulation so it can be properly analyzed.  We use advanced analytical techniques and expert problem solving to fully answer even the most complex questions for our clients.

From chemicals, materials, and unknown samples to both commercial and industrial products, we can provide the chemical analysis services that you require.  Our chemical testing laboratory can also help support compliance with the the government or industry regulations that your product falls within including testing products for sale in international markets.

Avomeen can solve a variety of complex analytical questions including:

Avomeen’s Chemical Analysis Laboratory Services Include:

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Case StudyMaterials Identification

Industry: Pharmaceutical Manufacturing- Chemical Analysis Testing
Problem: Black particles in Aspirin pills
Solution: A manufacturer of Aspirin tablets found black specks in their tablets. The tablets were analyzed by an FT-IR equipped with a microscope. Spectra of the black particles were obtained. The black particles chemically matched to rubber used on one of the gaskets in part of the manufacturing line. Examination of the manufacturing equipment revealed a damaged gasket that was chemically identical to the black particles found in the tablet.Using our analysis the manufacture was able to quickly replace the gasket and get production started again without having to completely break down the manufacturing line which would have held up time and customers orders.

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