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Let Avomeen take care of all of your analytical testing needs. Our consultants can work with you at your facility, over the phone, or at our laboratories to develop a complete package of analytical testing services that can save your company time and money while delivering the results you need.

Our analytical testing laboratory customizes its testing methods based on the needs of the client and our scientists remain up-to-date with the most sophisticated instrumentationmethods, and problem solving techniques.

Avomeen offers a range of custom chemical testing, material analysis, professional analytical services, and formulation development services. If you are not sure what services you need, or would like more information call 1-800-930-5450 for a free consultation with one of our Ph.D. Chemists.

Our analytical chemistry laboratory will work closely with you to:

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Case Study – Product Innovation

Industry: Household Product- Analytical Testing Services
Problem: Developing a new cleaning product
Solution: An entrepreneur approached us with a plan to create a new cleaning product. He had researched many cleaners in the market, and found the current product that provided the best cleaning power. He sent samples of this product to Avomeen, where we used our deformulation expertise to identify the active and inactive ingredients of the existing product using FT-IR, GC/MS, LC/MS, EDXA, and NMR.

Our analytical chemistry laboratory also compiled a detailed report of new academic research and patent applications in the field to determine where improvements could be made over existing products. Finally, our reformulation experts developed three new trial formulations for the entrepreneur to test and evaluate, along with final recipes allowing the client to make these new products on his own.

See our Case Studies page for more case studies of past analytical testing projects that Avomeen scientists have solved.

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