Polymer Testing LabAvomeen Analytical Services offers both routine and custom analytical testing for a wide range of plastics and polymers. Our chemists work on products from a diverse range of industries including consumer products, industrial manufacturing, and medical devices.

From identifying impact modifiers, inorganic fillers, discovering additives, and performing a complete characterization at all levels our skilled chemists excel at solving difficult questions for our customers.

Our specialties include material & contamination identification, complete deformulation, reformulation, polymer product development, and product failure analysis services.

Plastic and Polymer Testing Lab:

Our Competitive Product Analysis & Deformulation Services Provide our Clients with:

  • Research and compare competitive products at the chemical level.
  • Identify batch to batch variations in their products.
  • Provide litigation support for patent infringement or trade secret investigations.

Case Study:

Industry: Automotive Manufacturing
Problem: Peeling & breakage on an automobile bumper
Service: Product Failure Analysis.
Solution: An auto manufacturer noticed that layers were peeling off and breaking from an automobile bumper. The bumper was comprised of a variety of polymer types. Our skilled chemists examined the separation of polymer layers with a high-resolution microscopy to identify the location of the separation and performed a detailed chemical analysis of the area.

Our chemists discovered a problem with the way the polymers were compiled and that the polymers were not fully blending properly.  Further analysis through our FTIR revealed no compatibilizer was in the failed product.

Our scientists helped them to reformulate their product with a compatibilizer which solved their product failure issue.

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