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Cosmetic Laboratory

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At Avomeen Analytical Services, our cosmetics laboratory represents years of experience and scientific expertise in solving the problems of our clients. Among other household products, we are proficient in all issues related to cosmetics testing. Avomeen specializes in the product development and safety analysis of skincare, anti-aging, and beauty products.  Whether it’s a new cosmetic product development or competitive research, our testing laboratories are valuable with the development of new health and cosmetic product testing services including soaps, shampoos, detergents, lotions, topical medicines, and health supplements.

Cosmetic Laboratory

Avomeen’s cosmetic product development laboratory offers indispensable guidance in the area of cosmetics testing and new product development.  Our cosmetic testing lab can ensure that your product meets your expectations and is completely free of harmful contaminants.

By performing custom chemical and microbiological quality control testing for new and existing cosmetic products we can test samples for known and suspected carcinogens, skin irritants, and environmental toxins, all without the use of animal testing.  We believe in the importance of ethical approaches to cosmetics testing. Likewise, we also offered services like eco-friendly reformulation to companies in search of “green” products for earth-conscious consumers.

What if you discovered an old fragrance oil from your ancestors?
Have an idea for a new anti-aging product, but don’t know where to start?
Found out that your competitor has a new beauty product getting rave reviews?

Understanding your competition is an essential component of doing business in the global marketplace. That couldn’t be more applicable than in the field of cosmetics. Deformulation, also referred to as reverse engineering, involves the discovery of a product’s active and inert ingredients. This process is crucial to gaining a detailed understanding of your competition. Perhaps a new brand of shampoo has unexpectedly taken the market by storm, deformulation can provide information on this new product’s chemical identity. The cosmetic testing laboratories at Avomeen offer a full range of deformulation and reformulation services.

Our cosmetics testing laboratory uses innovative, high-end chemical analyses through instrumentation and sophisticated techniques such as:

  • Liquid & gas chromatography
  • Mass spectrometry
  • Nuclear magnetic resonance imaging

No matter the challenge, from batch-to-batch variation analysis to stability and cosmetic shelf life testing, the technicians in Avomeen’s professional, scientific laboratories have the knowledge and tools to solve complex analytical problems.

Cosmetic testing laboratories are not all alike. Not every cosmetic laboratory has a Ph.D. scientist with years of experience managing every team. At Avomeen Analytical Services, our clients breathe easy knowing that their problems are being actively solved by the best and brightest in the field. The technicians who operate the equipment in our cosmetic testing are there for you both during and after testing and will custom design the report towards your individual needs.

Case Study – Cosmetic Product Development

Industry: Beauty Products -Cosmetic Laboratory
Problem: Needed new innovative product
Solution: An entrepreneur approached our scientists with an idea to develop a natural skincare/anti-aging treatment. He also provided samples of three different products currently on the market. The ingredients in the commercial products were deformulated, identified, and quantified using instrumentation such as FT-IR and LC/MS. Our formulation scientists then developed a product using all-natural products, which was of higher quality than the current products on the market.

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Avomeen's investigations include the use of FT-IR, GC/MS, LC/MS, HPLC, NMR, SEM/EDXA, ICP, AA, TGA, DSC, and many other techniques.
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