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Avomeen Supports a Variety of Industries

Chemical Laboratory Chemicals Analysis
Avomeen’s chemical testing services can be customized to fit the needs of a wide range of companies and industries, and is the foundation of our business.
Analytical Testing Services IncConsumer Products Testing
Avomeen Analytical Services can provide custom chemical analysis for a wide range of products. Our experienced scientists can provide contamination identification, material identification, deformulation, and other custom analyses.
Litigation Support Services Litigation Support Services
Avomeen’s PhD scientists have many years of experience providing litigation support and expert witness testimony in patent infringement, trade secret, and related cases requiring analytical investigation services.
Cosmetic Testing LaboratoryCosmetics Testing & Analysis
From stability testing to product reformulation Avomeen can help you create and develop cosmetic products or lines.  Have an innovative idea but not sure how to make it a reality?  Want to have your cosmetics tested for safety or to find ways to improve upon your formulation?   Avomeen’s skilled chemists can help.
Consumer Product Testing LabHome, Health, & Beauty
Avomeen provides a range of services for the home, health, and cosmetic industries from product development to safety testing.  Our labs can even do green product testing which will verify if a product is really organic or not, as well as green product reformulation for manufacturers looking to get a step ahead of the competition.
Manufacturing Problem SolvingManufacturing Testing & Development
Our scientists can check for defects at the micro and nano meter level in your products.  We also provide custom physical testing as well as quality control services.
Medical Device TestingMedical Devices Testing
Whether your company is dealing with product failure issues, contamination, or intellectual property issues, Avomeen Analytical Services can help. Our scientific team can provide specialized testing in our independent laboratory to solve your toughest medical device issues.

From nutraceuticals to supplements Avomeen can be an integral part of your manufacturing process.  We can certify your product as allergen free and create nutritional labels for your supplements.  Worried about product recalls? We can perform quality control checks to fix issues before they cause problems.

Pharma LaboratoryPharmaceuticals Laboratory
Avomeen offers a wide range of analytical services for the pharmaceutical industry, including drug product deformulation testing for competitive analysis, litigation support for potential patent infringement cases, or contaminant identification for a product recall case.
Coating Testing LaboratoryPaints & Coatings
Our chemists are skilled at solving adhesion, drying, odor and other paint & coating product failure problems.  Avomeen can perform a detailed competitive product analysis, develop new coating products, and perform a variety of paint testing services.  When you need your coatings formulation to perform right, trust the expert chemists at Avomeen Analytical Services.
Polymer Testing LabPlastics and Polymers Testing
Avomeen Analytical Services offers routine and custom analytical testing for a wide range of plastics and polymers. We can handle projects from industries as diverse as consumer products, industrial manufacturing, and medical devices.
Beverage Testing LabFood & Beverage Testing
Avomeen’s food and beverage testing laboratory can test products for regulatory compliance, safety, stability, and nutritional analysis.  Our chemists also perform detailed chemical analyses and product development services.
Cleaning Product TestingCleaning Product Analysis
Avomeen Analytical Services can help in all stages of cleaning product development.  From turning an initial concept into an on-the-shelf product to performing a variety of product testing services.  Avomeen can help you develop or refine your product into a true next-gen cleaning solution.
Additives Testing LabAdditives Laboratory
Our chemists can analyze and identify additives in a variety of products.  From a competitive product analysis to determining additives that would help to improve your product Avomeen can help you create and develop a superior product.
Adhesive Testing LabAdhesives & Sealants Testing
Want to improve your product’s drying time, reduce odors, or analyze the ingredients in your product for safety or regulatory reasons.  Avomeen can help solve these and many other complex adhesive and sealant problems.
Packaging Testing LabPackaging Testing Lab
Worried about your packaging extracting chemicals into the products that it holds?  Want to figure out a way to keep the strength and integrity of your packaging product but reduce costs?  Interested in what materials your competitors is using in their packaging product? Avomeen’s skilled chemists can help.
Laboratory in California Other Industries
Our experienced team of scientists has decades of experience working on projects in a variety of industries. For a sampling of other industries that Avomeen scientists have solved problems for, click the above link.

Problem Solving
Avomeen scientists utilize the latest techniques, instrumentation, and methods to analyze a wide variety of complex testing challenges.
Customer Service
Our whole team is committed to completing each customer's project to their exact specifications, including custom methods and rush services.
Avomeen's investigations include the use of FT-IR, GC/MS, LC/MS, HPLC, NMR, SEM/EDXA, ICP, AA, TGA, DSC, and many other techniques.
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