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Reverse Phase High Performance Liquid Chromatography (rpHPLC)

rpHPLC Laboratory
Avomeen uses a Hitachi L-7000 HPLC with a variable wavelength detector and quaternary pump. This instrument allows one to analyze samples that absorb light in the UV-region between 190-400 nm. The system is optimized for reverse phase chromatography, which allows the analyst to utilize a highly polar mobile phase solution that carries the compound of interest though the chromatography column.

The column contains a non-polar stationary phase that interacts with the compound of interest as it is pumped through the column. The compound eventually is released from the column and travels to the detector where a signal arises based on the compound’s characteristic absorbance and retention time.

The analog signal is converted to a usable chromatogram where the information about the compound can be analyzed with high accuracy and precision.

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